4.7 out of 5 (based on 3 ratings)
Stallone vs Trollface

Stallone vs Trollface - Enjoy playing as Stallone at the Comfort of your Home !

Stallone vs Trollface is super fun action adventure game. It is pretty fast packed action with alot of explosions. Your mission is to find Hulk looking Troll Green guy and it kinda reminds of Hostage Crisis game. It's probably inspired by it. But nevertheless its fun to play, you get to save chicks and blow some random stuff. Have fun.

Controls of the Game

WASD keys to Move.

Mouse to Aim and Shoot.

Space bar to Throw/Detonate bomb. (need to pick up first)

P - to Pause

ESC - to Quit

Tips and Tricks to Play STallone vs trollface

Use Bombs/Grenades to destroy Walls

Use Bombs/Grenades to destroy Barrels

Use Bombs/Grenades to destroy Monsters

Saving Hostages grants towards to completing Level

Try dodging enemy fire since you don't have Health bar or you can't regain your Health

game review

Stallone vs Trollface is fast paced action/adventure game. Where you main quest is to save hostages, something like Hostage Crisis. You get to blow up alot of things, including walls and some guards. There are 14 levels in game, all in dungeon. Completing each level takes you to new one and with new quests. Have fun playing it.