4.5 out of 5 (based on 9 ratings)
Shapik The Quest

Shapik The Quest - Enjoy questing as Shapik at the Comfort of your Home !

Shapik The Quest is point and click game. Where you play in role of some kinda snail looking alien. You need to save your darling with your faithful companion, bee. Its fun and interactive world of Shapik, full of wonders and weird looking things. Be a true hero and complete the game before somebody else gets her.

Controls of the Game

Controls are simple, since its just Point & Click game. You need to use your Mouse in order to interact or move into new places. Clicking on environment and watching your cursor for changes that will indicate an interactive area of the new place. Sometimes you will have to move to different hot spots to interact with different environment, so be careful.

Tips and Tricks to Shapik The Quest

There are not much tips and tricks in this game to tell. You have to look into your environment and watch for changes and interact with him in order to complete to next level. More you move, environment will become more alive. So observe carefully for environment, it can trick you sometimes. But overall about tips and tricks, steady eye and little puzzle thinking will take you trough the game easily. Experiment until you find your way to the next level.

game review

Shapik The Quest is really cute and puzzle game, but its also point & click. It was fun to play and little short if you played such games before. But nevertheless you will have great fun in this game. It has amazing soundtrack and beautiful environment. Artwork is amazing and beautiful designed. I hope you will have much fun playing it, have fun.