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Alien Quest

Alien's Quest - Enjoy best Cartoonish/Cinematic game at the Comfort of your Home !

Alien's Quest is really cute point and click game. About two super cute aliens who got captured by FBI agents. Who are bad guys, who would say huh? Your mission is to outsmarts those FBI agents in order to return to your home planet. If you liked E.T. I'm sure you will like this cute game. Have fun!

Controls of the Game

There is not much Controls here but use your mouse and click on object to get solution done. Every object which kinda moves you can click on it. Looking into little guy when you mouseover he shakes his head if you didn't pointed on the right object.

Tips and Tricks to play Alien's Quest

Apple - Found in the tree at Scene 4

Poster - Found on the back wall in Scene 2

Photograph - Taken with the couple in Scene 3

Fire Cracker - Found on the ground in Scene 7

Lollipop - Found in the trash pile in Scene 5

American Flag - Found in the toy claw machine in Scene 6

Sunglasses - Dropped by the FBI agent in Scene 1

game review

Alien's Quest is a very simple yet cinematic game. It's kinda short but fun. Its cartoonish game than a puzzle game, more kinda interactive cartoon. It's really super cute and It really reminds me on E.T. So yeah, if you liked E.T. you will like this one. Have fun saving little green Aliens from bad guys from FBI !